Welcome to the Dover Consulting Group

Dover Consulting Group provides a full range of fiduciary, investment advisory and administrative consulting services to a broad array of clients. These include:

– Corporations
– Multi-Employer
– Public and 401(k) Retirement Plans
– Foundations & Endowments
– Private Clients

Dover’s compensation is based on the actual services provided for each client and is, typically, a flat annual fee. This eliminates the risk of a conflict of interest that may be found in commission or revenue sharing compensation arrangements.

Dover Consulting Group is a division of Dover Partners, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC.

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Our clients receive an individually designed program best suited to meet their unique needs. Each program is designed to achieve the following:

– Provide a prudent process of oversight and monitoring
– Reduce fiduciary liability
– Encourage a successful administrative structure
– Improve investment returns
– Insure efficiency, effectiveness and ease of management

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