Clients hire Dover Consulting Group on either an on-going basis (referred to as a “retainer relationship”) or on a project basis. Our clients can expect a program designed specially to meet their unique needs. Consulting services can include any of the following:

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
This document, which defines the account’s goals, objectives, expectations and levels of risk, is an invaluable tool in assisting clients with the prudent selection and continuous monitoring of their investments. Dover Consulting Group will guide clients through the development and maintenance of this critical document.

Performance Monitoring
This quarterly series of reports provides clients with independent, unbiased data and graphs comparing the performance of their account’s investments to appropriate market benchmarks and style indices. A Dover Consultant will attend review meetings to answer any questions there may be about these reports.

Vendor Searches
When a change in service providers becomes necessary, Dover Consulting Group can assist in the prudent evaluation and selection of appropriate replacements. This can include managing the Request For Quotation (RFQ) or Request For Proposal (RFP) process.

Fiduciary Review
This process is of special benefit to ERISA accounts. Dover’s Consultants will thoroughly review a plan’s administrative and investment processes to insure regulatory compliance, verifying that prudent fiduciary practices are in place.

Asset Allocation Studies
This process, performed primarily for defined benefit funds, is performed with the objective of identifying and selecting asset classes that will add to diversification, lower the overall investment risk profile of the plan, and provide an appropriate return for the plan.

Education Seminars
Dover’s Consultants offer a variety of educational seminars that can be structured to meet your specific needs. These include trustee and/or participant presentations for 401(k) plans as well as continuing education seminars for the legal and accounting professions.

Retirement Planning & Advice
Dover Consulting Group offers the option of sitting down with our consultants and receiving unbiased retirement planning and investment advice.